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    Financial Planner LA is constantly in the News. Fiduciary Los Angeles Financial Planner David Rae has been seen, quoted, and published in many national publications including CBS News, NBC News, Nightline on ABC, The Today Show, E! News, Fox News, KTLA News, Bravo TV, Comedy Central, Me Time with Frangela to name a few. Also quoted in Vogue, MSN Money, Men’s Health, NBC News, US News & World Report, Yahoo News, and 401(K) Specialist Magazine. He is a regular contributor to Forbes.com where he writes about financial issues for where he is noted for his trenchant observations and spot-on wit.

    Check out the videos below to get a sense of what is like to talk with Financial Advisor Los Angeles David Rae.  With Topics from Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Investment Management, Personal Finance, Social Security Planning Financial Planner LA covers it all.

    DAVID RAE, CFP®, AIF® is a Los Angele financial planner with DRM Wealth Management, a regular contributor to Advocate Magazine, Huffington Post, Forbes not to mention numerous TV appearances.  He helps smart people across the USA get on track for their financial goals.  For more information visit his website at www.davidraefp.com

    2 Billion Dollar Powerball Winner: What Should They Do Now Video

    Financial Advisor LA appears on the NBC with your Powerball Winning Guide. How to keep more of your winnings and minimize taxes.

    Financial Advisor Los Angeles Video In-Depth On The Economy

    Where is the stock market heading in 2022? How to deal with inflation? Are we in a recession? Financial advisor LA explains in this video from Fox 11 LA

    3 Bear Market Costly Investing Mistakes KCAL 9 Video

    Financial Advisor LA on KCAL News VIDEO talking bear market 2022.

    Financial Planner LA: Where Is The Stock Market Heading? VIDEO

    Stock Market Volatility , Global Unrest, Inflation, where is the stock market headxing? Financial Planner LA David Rae is on the CBS evening news with Jeff Vaughn and Pat Harvey

    How to Get Your Adult Children To Move Out – Video Me Time with Frangela

    Here is a clip from an early episode of the show Me Time with Frangela airing on Raycom stations across the country. Check your local listing for times and channels. If you have grown children still living at home you …

    Tax Season Tips – Video Inside the Issues – Spectrum News LA

    Filing your taxes doesn’t have to be so stressful. Los Angeles Financial Planner David Rae shares some tax advice with Inside the Issue with Alex Cohen.

    ABC 7 News- Last Minute Tax Day Tips from Financial Planner LA

    Check out these two tax day video segment from ABC 7 News. With Fiduciary Financial Advisor David Rae reporter Anabel Munoz.

    Spectrum News Tips for Tackling This Tax Season

    Spectrum News Tips for Tackling Tax Returns this Tax season. David Rae and Alex Cohen Inside the issue

    Spectrum News Video- Handling Your Finances During COVID Pandemic

    Financial Advisor Los Angeles David Rae on Spectrum News Video with Alex Cohen The impact of the Coronavirus on people’s finances may vary, depending on who you speak with. With more than 775,000 deaths (in the U.S. alone) and tens …

    Mega Millions Powerball Tips for Lottery Winners! VIDEO ABC 7 News

    I’m hoping someone you know WON THE $700 million dollar Powerball Lottery Jackpot.  I’d still be excited if you won the small prizes of a million bucks or so. Still a pretty good day.  Powerball Tips for any winner.  As …

    Last Minute Tax Tips from Good Day LA Fox 11 with David Rae CFP

    Tax Day is April 15,2019. Tax Expert David Rae is on Good Day LA with some last minute tax tips. Video from Fox 11 with Araksya Karapetyan and Tony McEwing.

    Fox Business Video What To Know About Early Retirement Packages

    This video features LA Certified Financial Planner David Rae on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto and reporter Gerri Willis. As President of DRM Wealth Management, Los Angeles Financial Advisor David Rae has helped numerous people make the best decisions for …

    Home Made Podcast with Kirk Hawkins – How To Save a Home Down Payment

    Home Made Podcast Episode Description Home Down Payments: David Rae is a Certified Financial Planner, Accredited Investment Fiduciary and President and Founder of DRM Wealth Management. We talked to him about how to make the most of the Coronavirus Quarantine …

    ABC Video – Stock Market Tumbles What to do Now?

    The stock market took a tumble on Monday. Setting a record for the largest one day point drop in Dow Jones History.  By the time we are posting this, the stock market has jumped back quite a bit.  Hopefully, you …

    Smart Ways to Protect Your Finances From Fires Video ABC 7 News

    How would your finances hold up if you were the victim of a natural disaster like the California Wildfires? Financial Expert David Rae is in the studio with David One and Coleen Sullivan on the ABC 7 Eyewitness News Los …

    Financial Planner LA on Fox 11 News Discussing Stocks

    Financial Planner LA David Rae pops into the Fox 11 Los Angeles Newsroom to discuss the Stock Market with Bob Decastro.

    Tax Saving Tips CBS News Video

    Financial Expert David Rae sits down will fell Aids Life Cycle Rider to discuss tax saving tips on the CBS Morning News.

    How Trump Raised Taxes On Millions Of Californians KTLA Video

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Trump Tax Plan) is bad for Los Angeles and Californians. From the SALT CAP to other tax changes you need to know about and how much in taxes they will cost you.

    How to Score holiday deals and Drink Wine Video CBS News

    Holiday Shopping Tips Los Angeles to Keep Your Sanity and not break the bank Video CBS News. How to score holiday deals and drink wine Video CBS News Holiday Shopping Tips Los Angeles Shopping Season is stressfulful and YES expensive.  …

    Get the Most Bang for Your Buck? KTLA News Video Summer Spending

    Smart Summer Spending Do’s and Don’ts via KTLA News We all want to maximize our money, why pay more than we need to?  With a little planning, you can stretch your dollars further without having to cut back.  I had …

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