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    Real Estate Advice Los Angeles

    Real Estate is a major part of many people’s Financial Plans in LA. Fiduciary Financial Planner LA David Rae outlines how to make the most of your real estate investments. Topics range from How much house how can you afford? To is a bigger down payment better, or would you end up ahead by investing the difference?

    This blog is written for the residents of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and surrounding areas where Real Estate is super expensive. Finding a great home, and coming up with a down payment and qualifying for a mortgage are bigger challenges in the expensive parts of the country.

    Living in LA it is too easy to buy a money pit or end up feeling house poor. Nobody wants to spend 30 years struggling to make their mortgage payments. With some smarter financial decisions, a home purchase can be a big part of achieving financial freedom.

    Live for Today, Plan for Tomorrow.

    New Mansion Tax Will Hit Many Los Angeles Home Owners

    Los Angeles has just implemented a new tax on some residents when they sell their homes. This new transfer tax is in addition to plain old property taxes and capital gains taxes you will owe on the appreciation of your home when …

    The New Capital Gains Rates For 2023

    To make the best investing choices you need to know about the taxes you will owe when your investments go up. Financial Planner LA outlines the capital gains taxes on investment gains.

    How To Know If You Save Money With The Home Office Tax Deduction

    Tax Planning is part of being self employed. Read this post to find out if you could save money on taxes with the home office deduction.

    How to Get Your Adult Children To Move Out – Video Me Time with Frangela

    Here is a clip from an early episode of the show Me Time with Frangela airing on Raycom stations across the country. Check your local listing for times and channels. If you have grown children still living at home you …

    Is The Los Angeles Real Estate Market Heading To A Crash?

    Housing prices in Los Angeles have skyrocked over the past few years. Is the Los Angeles real estate headed fora crash? Financial Planner LA tells you what you need to know.

    Can I Afford A House in Los Angeles?

    Can I Afford To Buy a House in LA? There appears to be a frenzy for the few houses listed for sale in Los Angeles today.  Record low mortgage rates and the Coronavirus lockdown have made people go crazy for …

    The 4 Biggest Los Angeles Retirement Challenges

    Are you up for the challenge of saving for a Los Angeles Retirement? Financial Planner LA outlines what you need to know and do.

    Home Made Podcast with Kirk Hawkins – How To Save a Home Down Payment

    Home Made Podcast Episode Description Home Down Payments: David Rae is a Certified Financial Planner, Accredited Investment Fiduciary and President and Founder of DRM Wealth Management. We talked to him about how to make the most of the Coronavirus Quarantine …

    Boot Camp for Smart Home Buyers- Get Yourself Ready NOW!

    The housing market is hot these days. How to get ready to buy the home of your dreams without wreaking havoc on your finances.

    Should Los Angeles Homeowners Buy Earthquake Insurance?

    Every time we have a big earthquake, Los Angeles homeowners ask themselves, should I buy Earthquake Insurance?  The right answer for you may be different from the answer to your neighbor when it comes to purchasing Earthquake insurance. LA real …

    Smart Ways to Protect Your Finances From Fires Video ABC 7 News

    How would your finances hold up if you were the victim of a natural disaster like the California Wildfires? Financial Expert David Rae is in the studio with David One and Coleen Sullivan on the ABC 7 Eyewitness News Los …

    How Trump Raised Taxes On Millions Of Californians KTLA Video

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Trump Tax Plan) is bad for Los Angeles and Californians. From the SALT CAP to other tax changes you need to know about and how much in taxes they will cost you.

    Is My Los Angles Home Equity Line Still Deductible? HELOC Tax Deduction

    With the new GOP Tax Plan now in effect for 2018 many people are wondering, “Can I still deduct my home equity line of credit? Should I refinance to make it tax-deductible again?” Or just “How do I know if …

    How to Transfer California Property Tax Base from Old Home to New

    One of the biggest advantages of owning a home in California is Proposition 13.  This limits how much your property taxes can go up each year. Many long-time homeowners are paying property taxes based on an assessed value that is …

    Trump Tax Plan is Bad For Los Angeles CBS News Explains

    Tax Planning Los Angeles in light of the GOP Tax Bill – CBS News covers what it may mean for you and your finances. With Guest Financial Planner LA David Rae speaking with Jeff Michael and Kara Finnstrom. I was …

    Your Amazing Tax Planning Questions Answered: Ask the Expert LA

    The new GOP Tax Plan is extremely complex.  You could ignore it and get a potentially devastating tax bill when the time comes to file your taxes in 2019.  What I recommend is to be proactive and work with your …

    Los Angeles What the GOP TAX Bill Means For You ABC 7 News Video

    There are a slew or reason the GOP Tax Reform bill is so unpopular.  Most people think their tax bills will actually go up under the new plan, and many of them are right.   Check out this video from ABC …

    How Rough is the GOP TAX Plan for Los Angeles Homeowners

    Just how rough is the GOP tax Plan for Los Angeles Homeowners? The Senate just passed its version of the widely unpopular tax reform bill and now the hashtag #TAXBILLSCAM is trending on Twitter.  Some of the changes coming in the …

    How much Money to live Comfortably in Los Angeles? True Cost Of Living LA

    True Cost Of Living Los Angeles The Standard of Moolah in L.A.  We all know the cost of living in Los Angeles is HIGH. How much do you really need to afford the cost of living “comfortably” in Los Angeles? …

    Flipping Out Baby : Jeff Lewis’s Gaybie is Coming

    Flipping Out Baby: We’re Havin’ a Gaybie Flipping Out Jeff Lewis is having Baby What happens when finances take a front seat for partners Jeff Lewis and Gage Edwards en route to parenthood on Bravo TV’s reality series Flipping Out? …

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