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    The Financial Planner Los Angeles blog is your resource to help make smarter investing choices.  We are here to help you simplify your financial life, and stay on track for your financial goals.

    Whether the stock market is going up or going down you can benefit from avoiding the big investing mistakes that cost many people dearly.  Continue reading to check out our tips on a variety of investing topics so you can be more informed and feel more comfortable that you making smarter financial decisions for your future.

    The most important piece of investing advice we can give to EVERYONE is get started! Even if you have to start small, get started. You can increase the amount you sock away over time. With the magic of compounding interest the sooner you start the easier it will be to make your financial dreams a reality.

    Live For Today, Plan For Tomorrow.

    Tax Planning Tip: How To Use An SBLOC To Lower Your Taxes Today

    How the rich use the Buy Borrow Die Strategy to avoid paying taxes. You can use the tax planning tip to avoid capital gains taxes on your investments.

    3 Bear Market Costly Investing Mistakes KCAL 9 Video

    Financial Advisor LA on KCAL News VIDEO talking bear market 2022.

    Three Investing Mistakes to Avoid, They Will Cost You A Bundle!

    Investing Mistakes to Avoid. 3 big investing mistakes to avoid, if you don’t it will cost you a bundle. I’m extremely lucky to have a smart and successful group of clients, many of whom came to me after falling victim …

    3.8% Obamacare Medicare Surtax and How to Avoid It.

    High earners are getting hit with the Affordable Care Act Surtax. How to avoid the Obamacare surtax aka Medicare Surtax that is terrible for your tax bill.

    How Does California Tax Your Capital Gains?

    California has some of the highest taxes in the country. Most people have no idea how california taxes capital gains. What you need to know about your investment taxes in CA.

    The Difference Between Investment Risk and Stock Market Volatility

    Financial Savvy: Investment Risk vs. Stock Market Volatility When the stock market goes crazy, people go nuts. The ensuing insecurity has them thinking that stashing their money in a mattress at home is safer than investing it anywhere with anyone. …

    Financial Planner LA: Where Is The Stock Market Heading? VIDEO

    Stock Market Volatility , Global Unrest, Inflation, where is the stock market headxing? Financial Planner LA David Rae is on the CBS evening news with Jeff Vaughn and Pat Harvey

    Is the Next Recession Coming? Better Question is When.

    When will the next recession hit? Will Donald Trump cause the next great recession? Should you even care if a recession is coming. This post from Financial Planner LA covers all you need to know.

    Apple Stock For Apple Employees: How To Maximize Employee Stock Options

    If you are an Apple employee and do a good job, you will likely own way too much Apple stock as your career progresses.  Good problem to have, right? I mean, Apple stock has performed amazingly well over the past …

    Stock Market Forecasts : 5 Reasons to Ignore Them + Video

    Should you follow stock market forecasts? How can you achieve financial freedom faster and easier? Read more to get the best investing advice from Financial Planner LA.

    Fiduciary Financial Planner- the True Value of Great Advice

    What is the true value of working with a Fiduciary Financial Planner? Fiduciary Financial Planner Los Angeles weighs in. Why seeking ­– and heeding – financial advice from a Fiduciary Certified Financial Planner may prove beneficial, some might even say …

    Can You Be Too Smart to Invest Well?

    Is it possible to be too smart to invest well? A UCLA professor highlights how even a genius can screw up investing for the future.

    My Stock Market Dream – How to Invest Money Smarter

    My Stock Market Dream- How to Invest your Money Smarter in Stocks and Bonds.  In my humble opinion, there is no better way to build wealth over time than investing in the stock market.  Even just “average” stock market returns …

    Will the LGBT Community Ever Be Able to Retire Well?

    Will retirement be better or worse for the LGBT Community? While the LGBT community is benefiting from increasing financial prosperity and legal recognition, many economic challenges hit us harder than they do for straight citizens. Like everyone else, we are …

    The Million Dollar 401(K) Mistake Too Many People Make

    The Biggest Mistake You Are Making with your 401(k)k could cost you over a million dollars.  For some of you it could lower you 401(k) balances by several million dollars. We are facing a retirement planning crisis in America.  Boomers, …

    Vanguard and the Value of Personal Financial Advice

    Vanguard attempts to put a Value of Return on Financial Advice.  How much Is expert financial advice worth? As defined by Vanguard, 3.75% of the value of even basic financial advice is significant. But in my book, it doesn’t go far …

    10 Surefire Ways To Never Become a Millionaire

    The Future of Financial Self-Sabotage  10 Surefire Ways to Never Become a Millionaire. When Austin Power’s Dr. Evil set out to extort the world for a million dollars we all cracked up. How quaint, we giggled, when everyone knows that …

    6 Inherited IRA Mistakes That Will Crush Your Inheritance

    Six Inherited IRA Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Inheritance. Let’s be honest. Stress doesn’t help us make smart financial decisions. I think it’s fair to say when we are inheriting money it’s often a busy, hectic and stressful time in …

    ABC Video – Stock Market Tumbles What to do Now?

    The stock market took a tumble on Monday. Setting a record for the largest one day point drop in Dow Jones History.  By the time we are posting this, the stock market has jumped back quite a bit.  Hopefully, you …

    How Risky is the Stock Market Actually?

    Stock Market Risk, the true cost of skipping investing. Can you afford to not invest in stocks?  Unless you started saving at the age of five and are presently making a killer income, consistently year after year, you will probably …

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