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    Smart Spending Los Angeles

    With Smart Spending Los Angeles you will find tips to enjoy life more while spending less. You work hard for the money, might as well maximize it’s value. Our goal is to help you simplify your financial life so you can spend with confidence.

    You know you can’t diet your way to an amazing body. Similarly, you can’t penny pinch your way to Financial Freedom.  This section of the best Financial Planner LA blog will help you find ways to Spend Smarter so your dollars go farther.  Living your best life doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but wasting money may cost you your financial independence.

    The Cost of living in Los Angeles is crazy expensive and can make it tough for even the most financially savvy people to struggle financially.  Keep reading our post for tips to save on travel, save on taxes, stretch your dollar. Why be stressed about money, when you don’t need to be.

    Live for today, Plan for Tomorrow.  LA always has something fun to do.

    How to Open A Sep IRA with Self Employment Income

    You need to know the SEP IRA contribution limits to make sure you can minimize the taxes on your small business income.

    First Million is the Hardest How to Build A Million Dollar Net Worth

    So you want to become a millionaire? We show to build a million dollar net worth. It may be easier than you think.

    3.8% Obamacare Medicare Surtax and How to Avoid It.

    High earners are getting hit with the Affordable Care Act Surtax. How to avoid the Obamacare surtax aka Medicare Surtax that is terrible for your tax bill.

    How To Know If You Save Money With The Home Office Tax Deduction

    Tax Planning is part of being self employed. Read this post to find out if you could save money on taxes with the home office deduction.

    5 Essential Steps to Help Your Financial Future in 2022

    5 Essential Steps to Help Your Financial Future in 2022 A toast to you, my friends! Here’s to out with the old (careless spending) and in with the new (being fiscally fabulous). Make those New Year Resolutions Stick.  You may …

    How to Get Your Adult Children To Move Out – Video Me Time with Frangela

    Here is a clip from an early episode of the show Me Time with Frangela airing on Raycom stations across the country. Check your local listing for times and channels. If you have grown children still living at home you …

    6 Reasons to Only Take Fiduciary Financial Planning Advice

    6 Reasons to only hire a Fiduciary Financial Adviser. Do you ever ask yourself: Do I need a Fiduciary Financial Adviser?  Los Angeles Wealth Manager David Rae shares 6 Signs you may need to hire a Fiduciary Financial Adviser. How …

    Missing an Old Retirement Account? How to Find Lost 401k Money Now

    At least once every few months a long-term client brings in a retirement account statement and says, “I forgot I had this retirement account. Can you help me with it?” Sometimes these accounts are tiny but other times they hold …

    How To Become a Financially Savvy Gay

    Gay Financial Planning can be fun and fabulous. It can also help you become a more financially savvy gay. Keep reading the post from the gay CFP David Rae.

    Maximize or Spend Your Tax Refund? What is the Smart Financial Move?

    Waiting for that big tax refund to hit your bank account? You aren’t alone. An estimated 74% of people received a tax refund in 2017 and, according to the IRS, those refunds averaged about $3,000 per filer.  Should you blow …

    ABC 7 News- Last Minute Tax Day Tips from Financial Planner LA

    Check out these two tax day video segment from ABC 7 News. With Fiduciary Financial Advisor David Rae reporter Anabel Munoz.

    How to Know Expenses Are Tax Deductible When You Volunteer

    I’m going to guess that you probably aren’t volunteering for a tax break. Could you do more if you had a little extra time? Or a bit more money in your pocket? Tracking your volunteering expenses may help you free …

    4 Crucial Tips to Avoid an IRS Audit via Financial Planner LA

    Tax Audit Risk The only thing people hate more than filing their taxes might just be an IRS Audit.  Learning of a large tax bill would probably take third place. In reality, the risk of being audited is quite low. …

    How to Maximize Your Tax Refund – Or Just Blow It?

    Maximize Your Tax Refund  – Or should you just Blow It? Are you looking to put your tax refund to good use? Here are a few tips to maximize your tax refund, rather than just blowing it. David Rae Financial …

    How to Know If You Should Pay Your Taxes with a Credit Card

    Tax Season 2021 is here- and that means you may be asking- Should I put my taxes on a credit card? For those of you who love racking up airline miles or earning cash back, paying your taxes on a …

    RMD Tips: To Maximize Your Retirement Savings

    Financial Planner Shares Tips to Maximize Your Retirement Income by making smart Required Minimum Distribution choices.

    Gays Do it Better – How to Have a Fabulous Financial Planner

    Financial Planning can be fun and fabulous. This is why you should look for the best gay financial planner you can find, to help guide you to gay financial freedom.

    Mega Millions Powerball Tips for Lottery Winners! VIDEO ABC 7 News

    I’m hoping someone you know WON THE $700 million dollar Powerball Lottery Jackpot.  I’d still be excited if you won the small prizes of a million bucks or so. Still a pretty good day.  Powerball Tips for any winner.  As …

    Will the LGBT Community Ever Be Able to Retire Well?

    Will retirement be better or worse for the LGBT Community? While the LGBT community is benefiting from increasing financial prosperity and legal recognition, many economic challenges hit us harder than they do for straight citizens. Like everyone else, we are …

    Slash Your Tax Bill with these 6 Year End Money Moves

    The holidays are fast approaching, which means it is time to start doing some year-end tax planning. The Tax Cut and Jobs Act will mean lower tax bills for many Americans. That does not mean you can ignore tax planning. …

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