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    Retirement Planning Articles


    Retirement Planning Los Angeles

    You have found the Retirement Planning Section of the Financial Planner Los Angeles blog.  Whether you are looking for expert advice from a Financial Planner Near Me in LA, or are reading from across the globe were provide you a variety of articles covering LA Retirement Planning topics.

    Whether you are just getting started or about to retire you will find useful information on this site. We cover how to maximize your 401(K), how to minimize your taxes. Small Business owners can learn how to slash their tax bills and play catch up for retirement.  I write about how anyone can retire a millionaire.  Learn how to reduce your retirement planning stress by making smarter financial decisions over time.  And when the time comes we will even help you with Social Security Maximization.

    Our posts are written with an LGBT Flair but the advice is applicable for anyone who wants to achieve their retirement planning goals faster and easier.

    Live For Today, Plan for Tomorrow.

    How The Cash Balance Pension Helps You Reduce Your Taxes And Boost Retirement Security

    Looking for more tax deductions to help your business pay fewer taxes? A Cash Balance Pension Plan may be the keep to keeping more of your hard earned money.

    Tax Planning Tip: How To Use An SBLOC To Lower Your Taxes Today

    How the rich use the Buy Borrow Die Strategy to avoid paying taxes. You can use the tax planning tip to avoid capital gains taxes on your investments.

    What Is The Maximum Social Security Retirement Income For 2023?

    Are Social Security Taxable? What is the maximum amount you can receive from Social Security Retirement? These and you other questions answered by Financial Planner LA.

    How To Lower Your Small Business Taxes With a Solo 401(k)

    It isn’t how much you make but how much you keep. How the Solo 401(k) can help business owners slash their tax bills in 2021.

    Best Los Angeles Financial Advisor For You: Video

    You have found the site for the best Los Angeles financial advisor. The FUN CFP is specializes in tax planning and financial planning for the gay community.

    Is The Defined Benefit Plan The Best Way For Business Owners To Minimize Taxes?

    The Defined Benefit Pension plan is a great way to lower you taxes if you make $500,000 or more per year. The tax planning financial advisor shares what you need to know abou this valuable tax planning strategy.

    4 Reasons To Fire Your Financial Advisor When Inheriting Assets

    Should you get a new financial advisor when receiving an inheritance? How to get the best tax planning and inheritance planning advice.

    Is Your Financial Advisor Giving You The Best Tax Planning Advice?

    Does your Los Angeles Financial Advisor offer tax planning guidance? They may no even be allowed to offer tax saving tips. What you need to know to get the best tax advice.

    How to Open A Sep IRA with Self Employment Income

    You need to know the SEP IRA contribution limits to make sure you can minimize the taxes on your small business income.

    How To Take The Stress Out Of Taxes For Business Owners

    Minimizing taxes may be the difference between a profitable business and one that is just scraping by. You all are probably thinking, “I don’t have extra time do deal with taxes.”   I heard your concerns, and that’s why I’ve come up with seven tips that will help lower your tax bill and won’t take a ton of time.

    First Million is the Hardest How to Build A Million Dollar Net Worth

    So you want to become a millionaire? We show to build a million dollar net worth. It may be easier than you think.

    Stock Options Basics Get the Most From Your Benefits Now

    Are you lucky enough to have incentive stock options? Want to know more about this valuable employee benefits? Read this post about stock options.

    3.8% Obamacare Medicare Surtax and How to Avoid It.

    High earners are getting hit with the Affordable Care Act Surtax. How to avoid the Obamacare surtax aka Medicare Surtax that is terrible for your tax bill.

    Financial Planner LA: Where Is The Stock Market Heading? VIDEO

    Stock Market Volatility , Global Unrest, Inflation, where is the stock market headxing? Financial Planner LA David Rae is on the CBS evening news with Jeff Vaughn and Pat Harvey

    Will Your Inheritance Get Hit With The California Estate Tax?

    California is known for being a high tax state. Will your inheritance get with an Estate Tax by California? Financial Planner LA answer your questions.

    Is the Next Recession Coming? Better Question is When.

    When will the next recession hit? Will Donald Trump cause the next great recession? Should you even care if a recession is coming. This post from Financial Planner LA covers all you need to know.

    How the LGBT Community Can Retire Early and Fabulously

    This is the LGBT Early Retirement guide whether rich or poor can help you get on track for Financial Freedom.  Plan ahead so your only option for the “good life” doesn’t require you to live in a trailer park. Gay early retirement doesn’t have to mean a life of miserly living.

    Apple Stock For Apple Employees: How To Maximize Employee Stock Options

    If you are an Apple employee and do a good job, you will likely own way too much Apple stock as your career progresses.  Good problem to have, right? I mean, Apple stock has performed amazingly well over the past …

    How To Get The Huge Tax Savings From The Rich Person’s Pension

    You don’t need to drive a pink rolls royce to benefit from The Rich Persons Pension, but you you do need to be a high income business owner.

    The New Fabulous Retirement Grace and Frankie-Style

    Could you handle a Retirement like Grace and Frankie? Even with gay ex-husbands and straight ex-wives to deal with, growing older can still be filled with adventure and possibility . . . as long as you’ve got the wherewithal to …

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