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    LGBT Financial Topics Articles


    LGBT Financial Topics

    You have reached the LGBT Financial Topics Sections of the Financial Planner Los Angeles Blog.  Here we will be covering a wide array of topics that matter to the LGBT Community. Our financial planning needs our different whether you are gay, lesbian, bi or trans.  If you need help with any LGBT specific financial questions feel free to reach out.

    You may also want to follow our GAY MONEY MATTERS Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss any great Gay Financial Stories.  You work hard for your money you might as well Be Fiscally Fabulous too.

    We may have won marriage equality for our fight for financial parity is not over.  Many successful LGBT community members are visible, but we also many people struggling financially.  I am proud to be a leading voice for LGBT Financial Freedom and Equality.

    LGBTQ+ financial planning is about helping the greater queer community live their happiest, healthiest and wealthiest lives.

    Gay Financial Planner David Rae on E! News
    Gay Financial Planner David Rae on E! News

    Live for Today, Plan for Tomorrow. Remember Gay Money Matters.

    -David Rae, Gay Certified Financial Planner, LGBT Accredited Investment Fiduciary.

    Best Palm Springs Financial Planner For You: Video

    Palm Springs financial planner for you David Rae offers tax planning, retirement planning and investment planning. He wants your life to be better because he is in it.

    How High Income Gay Couples Avoid The Marriage Tax Penalty

    Tax planning is a major part of LGBTQ Wealth Management. Gay financial advisor David Rae outlines how to minimize the pain of the gay marriage penalty.

    Gay Tax Planning Strategies You Need Today

    4 Valuable Tax Planning Strategies Gay Couples Need To Utilize For 2022 Tax Season. Two of my good friends just got gay married (or as we call it in real life “Married”), and of course, they asked me what this …

    How the LGBT Community Can Retire Early and Fabulously

    This is the LGBT Early Retirement guide whether rich or poor can help you get on track for Financial Freedom.  Plan ahead so your only option for the “good life” doesn’t require you to live in a trailer park. Gay early retirement doesn’t have to mean a life of miserly living.

    The New Fabulous Retirement Grace and Frankie-Style

    Could you handle a Retirement like Grace and Frankie? Even with gay ex-husbands and straight ex-wives to deal with, growing older can still be filled with adventure and possibility . . . as long as you’ve got the wherewithal to …

    Kathy Griffin Net Worth May Suprise You

    Kathy Griffin is widely known for her self-deprecating humor about her life on the D-List. That is why some may be shocked to learn that the A-List comedienne is amazing with money. You might even be shocked by the net …

    How To Become a Financially Savvy Gay

    Gay Financial Planning can be fun and fabulous. It can also help you become a more financially savvy gay. Keep reading the post from the gay CFP David Rae.

    How Love And Marriage Will Change The Perfect LGBT Retirement.

    With Marriage Equality come more options for Gay Retirement Planning. LGBT Retirement Expert David Rae outlines how love wins for gay couples.

    Gays Do it Better – How to Have a Fabulous Financial Planner

    Financial Planning can be fun and fabulous. This is why you should look for the best gay financial planner you can find, to help guide you to gay financial freedom.

    Gay Financial Planner – Right for You?

    Are you looking to get the absolute best financial advice? Would you better off working with the best gay financial planner? Yes, LGBT financial planning is different, read more to find out how.

    11 Tips For Fabulous Gay Financial Happiness

    Gay Financial Planning is a real thing. At financial planner LA we help you have a happier and wealthier life. Here are 10 tips for Financial and Gay Happiness

    LGBT Newlyweds Guide to Money

    The LGBT Newlyweds Guide to Money, Love and Fiscal Fabulousness. Los Angeles Financial Planner walks you through the must-know tips to get on the same page financially as your spouse.  As a Gay Financial Advisor in West Hollywood and Palm …

    Will the LGBT Community Ever Be Able to Retire Well?

    Will retirement be better or worse for the LGBT Community? While the LGBT community is benefiting from increasing financial prosperity and legal recognition, many economic challenges hit us harder than they do for straight citizens. Like everyone else, we are …

    6 Tax Planning Moves Gay Couples Need To Make Now

    LGBT couples face a unique set of Tax Planning Challenges. We share 6 tips to help gay couples lower their taxes before year end.

    3 Best Ways to Cash in on Life Insurance for Retirement

    Should Cash Value Life Insurance be part of your retirement income plan? Financial Planner LA explains what you need to know.

    Social Security for LGBT Couples, What You Need to Know Now!

    Social Security Planning is new for Gay Couples. What the LGBTQ community needs to do to get the Maximum Social Security benefits in retirement.

    How to be Fiscally Fabulous the Gay Way? Gay Financial Planner Explains

    We all want to be Fiscally Fabulous, top LGBT Financial Adviser David Rae outlines the top 5 tips to show you HOW TO BE FISCALLY FABULOUS the Gay Way. It’s not just a problem for gay people but when consumerism …

    Who Will Provide Long-Term Care For LGBT Retirees?

    Who Will Care for LGBT Boomers? Anyone but themselves? Listen up LGBT Boomers you can’t control getting older, but you can influence the quality of life. Does your retirement plan provide for the cost of LGBT Long Term Care? More importantly, would you like it to? LA Financial Planner David Rae outlines the ins and out of aging well for the Gay Community.

    Will Beyoncé and Coachella SINK Your Finances. + New Album

    Beyonce Coachella should be epic. Are you going? Who can actually afford to attend this huge music festival every year?  Many people are spending thousands if not tens of thousands to attend. Ponder this. Will the single lifestyle paired with …

    Golden Girls Retirement Plan: Part 1

    The Golden Girls Retirement Plan. Could this beloved 80’s sitcom hold the solution to the impending retirement crisis facing America’s workforce? Or even provide some much-needed help over a few financial planning hurdles for the LGBTQI community? Living like the …

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